Making your new menu a success


Making your new menu a success

Making your new menu a success

For hospitality businesses, introducing a new food menu is a big deal. Changing or getting rid of a current menu can be risky because your loyal guests are used to it, and it can be a key reason they return to your brand. It's therefore important to ensure your new menu is successful; it needs to surpass your guests' expectations and give them more. If it works, the old menu will soon become a thing of the past.

Needless to say, it's vital to measure the success of the new menu once you've introduced it. Ideally, you want to gain as much feedback as possible for each new dish. This will allow you to establish which ones are a hit, and which ones may need some revision. There are many ways you can get feedback, including:


It's simple: if you want to know what your guests think of the new menu, just ask! After your guests have been greeted and seated, explain that you've just introduced new menus and encourage them to feedback once they've finished their meals.

Online Feedback

Encouraging your guests to take part in some online feedback is a great way to ask them more direct questions. With a customised portal that you can advertise to guests wherever you like, you can get both qualitative and quantitative direct feedback from your diners. It's also a great idea to offer them an incentive to complete the online form, like entry into a competition to win a free meal, or a discount on their next visit.

Social media

There's no doubt your brand has a social presence, so why not use those channels to quiz guests about their new menu experiences? This is a simple way to get guest feedback and can be accomplished at the click of a button. If your brand is on Facebook, you can use the 'opinion poll' tool to ask customers to vote for their favourite and least favourite dishes. It's a great opportunity to respond to guests directly and to promote the best feedback.

Online feedback is easy to collect and easy to manage, enabling you to get a clear overview of what customers think of your new menu. Our GEMdirect Guest Engagement Portals can further help you gather valuable customer feedback.

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