Mother’s Day and Easter indicate a prosperous March for pubs

Mother’s Day and Easter indicate a prosperous March for pubs

Mother’s Day and Easter indicate a prosperous March for pubs

There are high expectations in the pub industry this month, as an early Easter means they could be facing record March takings.

Between Mother’s Day and the long bank holiday Easter weekend, pubs are in line for a significant surge in spend and guests. Mother’s Day is traditionally the biggest Sunday of the year for pubs, experiencing a 50% uplift on average sales (more than twice that of the second biggest Sunday of the year, the May Day bank holiday).

In addition, in 2015, half of adults reported taking their mums out for a Mother’s Day meal, and it came in 3 rd in a list of things mums want to do with their Mothering Sunday in a poll conducted by the Daily Mail. Research from St Austell Brewery suggests that pubs are the Mother’s Day meal venue of choice.

The Easter weekend is looking similarly promising for pubs, with the Greene King Leisure Tracker seeing guests spend 4% more on food in pubs last Easter than in 2014, and like-for-like sales up 5.1% overall.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that publicans can sleepwalk through to April 1 st . Bad weather often causes a decrease in guests and sales for pubs, particularly over the Easter weekend. With downpours – and potentially even snow – forecast until mid-April, here’s how to ensure your pub doesn’t get left out in the cold.

Entertain the children.

Both Mother’s Day and Easter are family occasions, so make sure you have plenty to offer kids. Offering something like Easter themed colouring pages are inexpensive to provide, and keeps the children occupied. Remember that when the children get bored, the whole family leaves.

Make some space.

‘Spending time with kids’ and ‘spending time with family’ are the two things mums’ want to do most on Mother’s Day, so prepare large tables for four or more to accommodate.

Create an Easter lunch menu.

Set menus are always popular for occasion meals, representing best value for money in the diners’ eyes.

Get out seasonal produce.

Regardless of the terrible weather predicted, Easter represents spring to many, so dishes like seafood and lamb should feature heavily. Though don’t worry if your Mother’s Day menu is still based on winter fare – 40% of diners say a roast is their perfect Mother’s Day meal.

Break out the fizz.

37% of people are more tempted by an offer that promises free champagne, and sales of Prosecco were up 13% last year, according to the CGA.

Embrace the theme.

For Easter, a little chocolate goes a long way. Try updating your desserts, or more adventurous pubs might consider putting a chocolate drink, like Young’s Double Chocolate Stout, or the Hog Back Brewery’s Chocolate Lager, on the menu.

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