National Burger Day


National Burger Day

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It’s National Burger Day on August 22nd! And who doesn’t love a burger? The UK has seen a huge shift over the last few years with your classic beef burger no longer cutting it. With premium burgers now served across fast food joints, restaurants and hotels, guests expect good quality meat, unique toppings and a selection of sides. From meat to veggie to vegan, what sits in your bun is entirely up to you. In celebration, we thought we’d catch up with our clients, burger boss, Honest Burgers.

Adam Layton, Head of PR & Brand Collaborations at Honest Burgers.

What is your bestselling burger? “The ‘Honest’ is the burger that started the business and it’s still the best-selling today. If a customer walks in for the first time today, more often than not we’ll point them to the Honest. It sums up everything we’re about – British, homemade and no fuss. Made with beef from our butchery, homemade red onion relish, smoked bacon, cheddar, lettuce and pickles and always served with our rosemary salted chips.”

Can you tell us about any promotions you are doing for National Burger Day? “We’re doing a collaboration slider with Jewish soul food stars Monty’s Deli that will only be available at the Street Feast National Burger Day party (aka Bundance) at Hawker House in SE16 on Thursday 22 August. We’re keeping our powder dry but it will feature a delish deep fried latke (potato cake a bit like a rosti) and Monty’s amazing homemade pastrami.”

Where did the passion/idea come from to set up Honest Burgers? “Back when Tom and Phil started the business you couldn’t get a good burger cooked pink and made with fantastic produce. Beef was padded out with breadcrumbs and cooked to death. People deserved better burgers.”

What are your thoughts on veggie/vegan burgers no longer being called burgers? What would you call them? “In my books, if it eats like a burger and tastes like a burger, then it’s a burger…”

Are there any exciting menu changes coming up that you can tell us about? “We’ve got a brand new Belgian pale ale coming out in October that was designed and brewed by a group of our chefs and servers under the supervision of Wild Weather Ales near Reading. It’s like a Leffe Belgian blonde beer but hopped with Citra US hops that give a zesty grapefruit flavour. And it’s more sessionable at 3.9%. It’s a limited edition of 5,000 cans and when it’s gone it’s gone… I think our customers will really like it.”

So how will you be celebrating this National Burger Day? Honestly, we’d recommend heading to your local Honest Burgers.

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