National Vegetarian Week


National Vegetarian Week

National Vegetarian Week

It’s National Vegetarian week which will see some Brits adopting a meat-free diet. The campaign aims to raise awareness around the environmental impact in which eating meat can have, as well as benefits on people’s health whilst inspiring people to be more adventurous in the kitchen.

From the workplace to schools, the campaign offers up to 50 activities to help give people inspiration and support on getting involved. One idea set to impact is Default Veg which encourages work places to sell veggie food options as standard with the option to add meat, Default Veg work with companies and help them to plan their launch.

We have a few veggies and vegans at HGEM HQ, so we asked them for their favourite recipes and why cutting the meat has been so important to them.

Ella’s all-time favourite dish is a lemongrass and peanut broth from Anna Jones. “Anna cooks seasonally which I love as it reduces my carbon footprint, something I’m keen to sustain with all my meals. I was vegetarian as a child but chose to go vegan three years ago because I believe it is better for the environment, my body and the animals. I really enjoy it as it’s made me more interested in cooking and inventive with what I eat. I’m glad it’s taken off so much in recent years as there is now more choice when I eat out, rather than being presented with a plate of dull vegetables.”

Becca became vegetarian when she was 13 after witnessing a dead pig being carried into a butchers which really put into context for her that meat comes from actual, living animals. “I don’t feel that liking the taste of meat is a good enough reason for an animal to die, although I could never go vegan. I would never actively encourage vegetarianism as there is plenty of information about the pros and cons for people to make up their own minds.” That’s why campaigns such as National Vegetarian Week and Veganuary are so great because it gives people a taster and gets them thinking.

For anyone wanting to try out a recipe this week, Becca recommends a vegetarian paella because you can use whatever vegetables you like.

A member of HGEM who is fairly new to vegetarianism is Amie, who in 2018 decided to give up a food item each month, last February that item was meat and she has stuck with it ever since. “My dad is vegetarian, so I was already conscious of the meat industry and had toyed with the idea of vegetarianism. I couldn’t believe how easy it was in practice and was shocked that I didn’t miss meat at all. My favourite veggie meal to cook is a vegetable curry from Rick Steins India cook book. It is called Vegetable MakhanaWala and is delicious”.

HGEM’s Aimee has been vegetarian for almost 10 years since attending university where she didn’t want to cook meat, which saw it slowly phase out of her diet, no doubt it also saved her a lot of money! Aimee’s favourite veggie recipe is this sweet potato and chickpea stew from Deliciously Ella. “I love all the spices which give it a lovely rich flavour and the colour too!”

So, whether you’re vegan, veggie or love to eat meat, we hope these recipes have inspired you to try something new. Please do send us your favourite recipes and any photos of your creations this week. You can read all about National Vegetarian Week here.

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