Performance Measuring - Identifying


Performance Measuring - Identifying

Performance Measuring - Identifying

This month HospitalityGEM will be looking at performance measurement - how to identify, measure, report and react. Performance measurement means different things to different people, and different businesses. In an age of the discerning customer it's more important than ever to monitor your performance to make sure you're getting it right when it counts.


The first step in successfully measuring performance is to identify exactly what it is you are attempting to measure.

You will need to identify how your brand is expressed (through things like Style of food, Speed of service, Attitude of staff, Atmosphere) and therefore what you expect your guests to experience.

For example, a family dining brand may want to measure how approachable and friendly their staff are, and how consistent the service is at certain times of day.

Once you have defined who you are targeting and what they should experience, you can start to map out how you are going to measure it.

"Businesses need to define what the guest should expect to experience in order to be consistent with the brand. In doing this they should also consider the characteristics of the market segments that they are targeting. People should beware of trying to be all things to all people and never really doing anything exceptionally well. So, for example, a brand may need either a formal or an informal approach to staff attitude - once this has been defined in terms of expected behaviours, it gives us something to actually measure against." - Steven Pike, Director

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