Predicted Trends for 2016

Predicted Trends for 2016

Predicted Trends for 2016

As we draw closer to the end of another year, we're starting to look ahead and consider what the coming months might bring to the hospitality industry. We recently reported on the latest research from restaurant booking platform, Booktable, and the report which detailed the key trends that ruled the UK dining scene in 2015. This year belonged to burgers, Scandinavian cuisine and barbecue concept restaurants, but what other trends can can be seen on the horizon?

A recently published press release from leading food research and consulting firm, Technomic, has identified and forecast five key trends set to dominate the UK food-service industry in the new year:

1. Fast-casual concepts

The fast-casual concept has taken the US hospitality industry by storm and experts predict the revolution to take place on UK shores next year. Characterised by limited-service, contemporary settings, high quality ingredients and a focus on nutritious fare, the fast-casual concept delivers the experience the substantial Millennial dining group thrive upon.

2. Global hybrids

Expect more culinary creativity in 2016 as chefs bring influences from world cuisine into contemporary fare to produce inspirational new hybrid dishes. Technomic predict a rise in ingredients and cooking methods from far-flung destinations such as Southeast Asia, South America and the Middle East, combined with modern cuisine for unexpected recipes and innovative menus.

3. Focus on vegetables

The locally produced food movement is likely to focus on vegetables rather than meat in the new year, particularly as the starring ingredient of main dishes. Superfood favourites such as kale are expected to take centre-stage and guests are predicted to favour hearty yet healthy vegetarian fare in the coming months.

4. No set mealtimes

The trend towards eating out at different times of the day has developed from the modern on-the-go lifestyle. Instead of sticking to set times of the day, Technomic predicts a rise in shareable snacks and bar bites that can be ordered whenever the mood strikes as well as service formats that allow people to 'grab and go'.

5. Bold drinks

Guests are leaning towards complex flavours when it comes to ordering drinks. It is looking likely that full-flavoured cold coffee beverages may come to the fore whilst sour IPAs and lesser-known cocktails featuring digestifs such as Campari, Fernet and Aperol are touted as the next big thing behind the bar.

What are your thoughts on the trends expected to impact the UK restaurant market in 2016? Can you see something else on the horizon for your business?

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