Pub food proving popular


Pub food proving popular

Steak and potatoes

Brits have worked up an appetite for pub food, according to new research by Mintel. Stats released by the market research firm revealed a 14% increase in sales of pub meals from 2012 to 2016, to the tune of £7.4bn. The report also suggests a shift in motivations for visiting the pub, with dining the primary reason for 89% of guests.

As the popularity of pub dining shows no sign of slowing, there is a clear window of opportunity for pubs that have not yet embraced foodservice. Guests are prepared to spend on a decent pub meal according to our own survey, with 44% finding £15 a head to be acceptable. Enjoying a good meal is also likely to encourage guest loyalty – our survey found that 62% of guests would be more likely to return to a pub for food than they would to a restaurant.

However, it’s important to remember that when it comes to pub menus guests are more discerning than ever – according to the Mintel report, 45% of guests say that they would be put off ordering a dish that was not freshly made and 69% would like to see premium ingredients in pub dishes in the future. Incorporating a selection of fresh, local produce and adopting an openness about your ingredient origin is something guests are increasingly looking for when dining out and will certainly serve to make their meal a memorable one.

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