Rewarding designated drivers


Rewarding designated drivers


This week will see the UK get well and truly into the Christmas spirit, from Christmas markets to Christmas parties, the festivities are in full swing, but other than Christmas turkey and mince pies, what have the designated drivers got to be excited about?

Well, Greene King have teamed up with Coca-Cola and are launching an initiative this Christmas in which drivers are rewarded with a free soft drink. It is schemes like this that have seen drink driving numbers fall since 2004 according to The Morning Advertiser.

HGEM's Head of Client Success, Jason Horn comments: "I love any initiative which suggests we are thinking of you (our guests / customers) and that we care about you. The role of designated driver is such an important one and needs supporting and congratulating."

"When I see a Pub co make the decision to support such an initiative it does suggest they have a purpose, which is to provide an experience which all can enjoy safely. I would like to see this campaigned taken on by all Pub Co’s and extend the number of drinks to include free soft drink per round."

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