Skilled staff & handmade products appeal to Gen Z foodies


Skilled staff & handmade products appeal to Gen Z foodies

Barista making coffee

With nearly half of Brits now identifying as 'foodies', expectations of quality have risen throughout the UK, once again encouraging hospitality operators to turn their attention to their offering.

This rising focus on quality has also demonstrated a greater appreciation of the skill that goes into service; Costa found that 54% of Brits believe it is no easy task to prepare a great cup of coffee whilst 52% would choose a coffee shop based on the skill of its baristas. Generation Z demographic (16-24) proved the most discerning – 60% stated that the skills of the baristas are the deciding factor when choosing where to buy their coffee.

Costa's research ties in with a survey we conducted last year which revealed 96% of guests believe that well-trained staff are key to the amount they are likely to spend when they eat out.

Costa also revealed that 63% of diners are more concerned with handcrafted food and drink than they were a decade ago. Our own research recently discovered that guests consider “handmade” the second most appealing word to see on a menu.

The research highlights that alongside constant reviews of the quality and perception of the product offering, an investment in up-skilling could help to convert the tricky Gen Z foodies.

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