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Client Success Story - Dishoom

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Dishoom's Story

Dishoom pays tribute to the old Irani cafés of Bombay, known for being the first places where people of any culture, class or religion could break bread together. These café’s saw couples, taxi-wallas, students, artists, families and lawyers come together, and it was these Irani cafés who helped spare Bombay during the Indian Partition.

Inspired by these cafés, Dishoom was born and continues to bring people together from all walks of life and cultures serving up its ‘Bombay comfort food’. Since its first restaurant opening in Covent Garden in 2010, it has grown to 8 restaurants across the UK – including Birmingham, Manchester and Edinburgh. Dishoom has a further 8 delivery kitchens with 6 in London, 1 in Brighton and 1 in Cambridge which opened earlier in 2021.

Not only known for its vibrant flavours and atmosphere, Dishoom was ranked 4th Best Company To Work For by Best Companies in 2021.


  • Consistency: as a growing business, Dishoom was looking for a solution to increase visibility into how different sites were performing operationally, to ensure consistency in quality and experience across the estate.
  • Scale of Operation: Maintaining the standards required for sites as large and operationally complex as the Dishoom model is a challenge in itself and Dishoom were looking for a partner who could offer bespoke solutions for measuring complex customer journeys.
  • Menu development: They also wanted to explore solutions that could help streamline menu development.


  • Mystery Guest Audits: HGEM worked closely together with Dishoom to define their ideal customer journey and implemented audits to measure their sites' performance, to provide them with objective feedback on operational standards and processes, and insights on opportunities and problem areas.
  • Review Management module was implemented to provide a platform for Dishoom to manage their online reputation from one central place.
  • Product Ratings: For streamlining menu development and deep insight into dish performance, HGEM recommended the Product Ratings module.
  • Internal Feedback: To gather detailed feedback about products and dishes from the view of the people serving and creating them, this module was introduced to gain valuable feedback on site performance as well as individual item performance.


HGEM's solutions help Dishoom get actionable insights on operations, online reputation, and dishes, to allow them to implement positive change.

Nina Panayiodou, Operations Director for Dishoom comments on her experience with HGEM:

Mystery guest audits allow us to monitor our order of service, food quality and full end to end experience, help us define problem areas and build action plans for resolution. We also use the audit report as training opportunity and will decide length of training required based on overall score.

The Hub is also a great platform for reviewing menu performance feedback and will be a key factor in our menu development conversations.

- Nina Panayiodou | Operations Director
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