Client Success Story - Star Pubs & Bars

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Client Success Story - Star Pubs & Bars

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Star Pubs & Bars is a nationwide estate of 2,500 high quality invested pubs run by independent entrepreneurs. HGEM have been supporting Star Pubs & Bars since 2019.


- With a vast estate, visibility over operational consistency across sites had become challenging. They needed regular, objective insight into the standards and processes that were being implemented at site level.

- The need for independent feedback, based on genuine consumer sentiment so that Business Development Managers could help support the pubs to drive their businesses forward

- Bringing unbiased feedback to operators and support managers so that an open dialogue could be established around the locations successes and areas for opportunity.


HGEM worked closely together with Star Pubs & Bars to define their ideal customer journey and implemented Mystery Guest Audits to measure the estate's performance, to provide them with objective feedback on operational standards and processes, and insights on areas of opportunity that could be relayed to individual sites.


Since implementation, Star Pubs & Bars have access to relevant and objective feedback that:

- Helps develop the retail offer and drives business forward

- Enables BDM's to have value added conversations with pubs to support their success

HGEM’s reports have given our Business a great way to objectively assess the retail standards of our Pubs across the estate, and allow us to draw macro level conclusions about areas of support we need to focus on in order to drive sustainable positive change. At a more local level, we have implemented a certificate scheme for pubs who score 100% in their HGEM reports, and have seen numerous pubs proudly display these to their customers to promote the attention to detail they pay to their retail standards.

- Michael Barclay | Digital Marketing Manager
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