Sustainability – is your hospitality business doing enough?


Sustainability – is your hospitality business doing enough?

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Whether it was an episode of Blue Planet or the news that inspired 67% of Brits to boycott brands lacking an ethical conscience, operators have had no choice but to review the processes and products they employ. It is no secret that the industry is waking up to the need for a sustainable future.

However, according to our guests – 92% of whom revealed in a recent survey that restaurants and hotels are not doing enough when it comes to sustainability – this isn’t happening fast enough.

Of course, the hospitality sector has its fair share of pressures to deal with. On World Ocean Day this year, BRITA Professional revealed that 40% of hospitality operators believe cost is the biggest barrier to sustainability. However, research by The Nielsen Company suggests that 74% of global millennials and 72% of Generation Z are willing to pay more for sustainable products and services. Perhaps your business could do more to reach out to these socially conscious young people – your business, as well as the planet, could well benefit.

Here are a few simple actions that most hospitality businesses can take to show their commitment to a sustainable future…

Reduce waste

The UK hospitality and food industry generates a staggering 920,000 tonnes of food waste each year, according to recycling service ReFood. However, 75% of this is avoidable. By implementing food waste strategies like composting, reduction and reuse policies, and recycling plans, businesses can move closer to a ‘zero waste’ goal.

Align with the right suppliers

In our survey, 74% of guests told us it was very important or quite important that ingredients and products are sourced sustainably. Before aligning with a new supplier, check their sustainability policies and ensure they align with your own targets. By sourcing suppliers of local, organic ingredients as well as products made from recyclable or minimal packaging, you can reduce your footprint while appealing to socially conscious consumers.

Cut down on single-use plastic

The war on plastic has received a lot of press in recent months, with BRITA revealing 70% of hospitality businesses are planning to reduce single-use plastic within their business. Use paper straws instead of plastic (or get rid of them altogether), refill water bottles for free or charge less for guests with reusable cups, and ensure single-use products are certified compostable.

Set formal targets and goals

BRITA’s research found that while 85% of hospitality businesses would consider themselves sustainable, nearly half don’t have specific corporate social responsibility (CSR) targets in place. When hospitality operators take the time to set out clear policies when it comes to sustainability and prioritise staff training to ensure the team is fully on board and engaged, we can expect greater progress and measurable success.

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