Technology in Hotels


Technology in Hotels

Technology in Hotels

The use of technology is still increasing in our daily lives and the use of it in the hospitality industry reflects this. As new technological advancements emerge, some hotels are evolving and incorporating these, striving to offer guests an experience that exceeds their expectations. Here's a brief glimpse of some technology trends predicted to hit hotels in the future, and some expectations of a modern traveller.

Free Wi-Fi is practically a given, with our recent guest survey demonstrating it as the number one in-room amenity priority. Additionally, ease of checking rates and booking via mobile devices is preferred to allow guests to browse and book whilst on the go. (

Mobile check-in and apps to enhance the guest experience have also taken the spotlight this year. Both the Starwood and Hilton groups have launched mobile check-in for guests whilst hotelier Robert Rauch mentioned his use of 1App to as an ideal solution for sending local dining, shopping and entertainment deals to his guests.

Additionally, a recent article on questioned a panel of experts about the future of in-room technology in hotels. When asked which piece of in-room technology they are most excited about in the future, answers included: the mobile or biometric key for convenience and peace of mind, customised media to allow guests to enjoy personalised entertainment on their own schedule, voice control operation of room functions, and finally, from Euan McGlashan, co-founder and partner of Valor Hospitality Partners, "computer-linked energy management... [which] can significantly reduce a property's operating costs, not to mention our collective global footprint".

Technology can of course be used to track and improve the guest experience; with operators able to record guest preferences and requests, using these to predict the experience that the guest will be looking for on a return visit. Of course, technology can only go so far as to delivering the ideal guest experience. Hotels are still about people and hospitality- something that can't be delivered by a machine...yet.

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