The Eggs Factor


The Eggs Factor

The Eggs Factor

We're all well aware that it's a DOUBLE BANK HOLIDAY this weekend. That delightful time of year which should be heralding the start of Spring, and if recent years are anything to go by we should by all rights be basking in unseasonable warmth.

We all know the cold reality though - it's egg-ceptionally (sorry) cold this weekend and Spring is on the back burner for a while, so maybe there's still a bit of cash to be gained from those winter menus.

If you haven't yet filled up your dining areas for the Easter weekend, it's time to get Tweeting about it. Let people know that your fire is still lit, and your chocolate is still hot, and make Easter nice and cosy for your customers - although try and keep those chocolate eggs cool!

An egg-stra (sorry again) bit of social media activity could help to feather your nest (we're not apologising for that one) over the weekend if you've still got some places to fill.

A few Facebook updates and Tweets over the next 48 hours could turn into £££s. If you would like to find out more about gaining recommendations for your business via social media, our GEMdirect service can help.

And if you're using Facebook or Twitter this weekend, try and steer clear of egg-sessive egg puns...

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