The Rise Of Healthy Fast Food Outlets


The Rise Of Healthy Fast Food Outlets

The Rise Of Healthy Fast Food Outlets

The fast food industry has undergone something of a revolution in the past few years. The McMuffins, Double Whoppers and footlong subs we know and love are now facing healthy competition - very healthy competition...

Recently, there has been huge growth in the number of healthy fast food outlets, many of which originate from the capital. Such outlets include Leon restaurants, which specialise in Mediterranean-inspired, 'naturally' fast food; Pod Food, which utilises seasonal fruit and veg to create its ever-changing menu; and Tossed, which serves up hearty salads, wraps and nutritious hot foods. So, why the health push?

Well, the reason behind the growing popularity is quite simple: consumers are becoming more health conscious. Nielsen's Global Health & Wellness Survey, conducted earlier this year, surveyed consumers across the globe and found that younger consumers are now more concerned about everything from ingredients to organic foods and genetically modified foods. In total, 41% of Generation Z (consumers aged under 20) said that they would be willing to pay more for "healthier" food products.

And it's not just the fast food industry that has reacted to the change in consumer habits. The restaurant industry as a whole are now taking measures to ensure that they can cater for the health conscious, from displaying calories next to dishes to incorporating special lower-calorie sections into their menus.

But, the rise of healthy food outlets is not just a result of us becoming more conscious of what we're putting in our mouths: it's also because now, more than ever, we're craving variety in our meals. How many times have you eaten some form of burger and/or chips? Probably too many times to count. Now, how many times have you eaten a pesto chicken and quinoa soup, prepared with fresh vegetables, dill and a pesto broth? (Just one of the scrumptious meals on Pod Food's current menu).

Diners are craving variety because it puts the excitement back into eating. Healthy fast food outlets aren't just for the calorie counters among us, but they are also for people who want diversity in their dining experience.

And as for whether this health kick is nothing more than a foodie phase; Tim Hall, creator of Pod Foods, sums it up quite nicely in an interview for the Telegraph: "People can't unlearn that eating butter and fat is bad for them - the trend of awareness about health will continue where other food fads fall by the wayside."

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