The ‘Veganuary’ trend


The ‘Veganuary’ trend

Vegan salad from beyond the kale in bath

The number of vegans has increased by 360% over the past ten years, rising to 542,000 in the UK, according to the Vegan Society. Many of these people chose to change their lifestyle after completing the increasingly popular 'Veganuary' challenge. In fact, 2018 has proved a record-breaking year for Veganuary with more than 120,000 people signing the pledge to follow a fully plant-based diet for a month.

A significant number of restaurants and casual dining eateries are waking up to this lucrative demographic and finally realising that a basic salad simply won't cut it for today's discerning vegan consumer. By expanding meat and dairy-free menus or offering discounts on existing vegan options, hospitality operators who have taken steps to respond to the trend may have made a very smart move indeed.

Pieminister has extended its plant-based options to include a fully vegan burger known as ‘Kevin’. Handmade Burger Co is offering 50% off all its vegan burgers and sides for a month. Meanwhile, Rosa's Thai Café is replacing its Dean Street site with a fully vegetarian Thai pop up which will run until March.

From our own research, we discovered that plant-based food appeals to guests - 51% would be very likely or quite likely to dine at a restaurant that has an entirely vegetarian menu. However, the taste of a dish was far and away the main factor which would encourage guests to choose a meat-free option on the menu – well above concerns for animal welfare, the environment or health.

As the trend for veganism continues, operators who can offer imaginative, delicious plant-based options could find their revenue on the rise.

Is 2018 set to be year of the Vegan? The evidence certainly points that way.

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