Tips on serving children


Tips on serving children

Tips on serving children

If you run a family-friendly restaurant, you'll know how important it is to keep kids happy and entertained so that parents can relax during their meal. And it's true: if kids are happy, their parents will be happy, and the more likely they are to return to your restaurant.

Here are some tips on serving children:


When seating families with young children, it's best to avoid sitting them in the centre of the restaurant where they could obstruct the pathways to the kitchen or toilets. Tables and booths on the outside of the restaurant, and near windows, are more appropriate for family diners.

Activity packs

Supplying kids with activity packs is a great way to keep them entertained. These packs typically involve an activity booklet with puzzles and pictures to colour in, plus a pack of crayons. You may even choose to double-up the children's menu as an activity sheet.

Table settings

Before you seat a family with young children, have you checked that the table is set-up appropriately? It's important to remove any settings that could be dangerous for children and to ask the family if they would like a highchair.


When the adults are ready to order, it's a great opportunity to politely ask if they would like their children's meal to be served as soon as it is ready. Even if they say 'no,' they will appreciate that you asked the question.

Serving drinks

When serving drinks to the smallest guests, it's a good idea to serve them three-quarters full, and then offer to re-fill them during their meal.


Most importantly, staff need to be friendly and welcoming towards family diners. There will always be times when children play up and behave badly. The best thing to do is deal with the situation calmly and with a smile, as this will help put parents at ease.

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