Top reasons why employers lose points through employee feedback


Top reasons why employers lose points through employee feedback

Top reasons why employers lose points through employee feedback

We share an industry overview of why employers are losing points when it comes to the happiness of their team members. We have pulled the top 4 reasons from across the hospitality industry based on our clients’ statistics where we found that less than half of guests are happy in each area.

Stress levels - 41% are happy with this. We also found that 48% of employees are exhausted.

Not surprising given the reputation that the industry has for its long hours. This is something that the industry is starting to recognise with some independent restaurants only opening 4 days a week in a bid to create more of a work life balance. Our client LEON is a great prioritising the wellbeing of its staff having launched its wellbeing principles which includes wellness classes for team members.

Clear Progression - 44% are happy with this.

Although the industry has started making waves to be respected as a decent career path rather than a stop gap job, lack of career progression is still a concern for many team members. Operators must work to spot talent and enthusiasm early on in its employees’ career and work with them to train and develop them, limiting retention issues whilst changing perceptions of the industry.

Recognition - 45% are happy with this.

Hospitality is a fast-paced industry so it’s not uncommon for hard work to go unnoticed. It is however essential to recognise and reward when appropriate – opportunities can easily be measured and monitored via employee feedback at different touchpoints throughout employment.

Performance Review - 46% are happy with this.

Employers want a regular performance review - they want to be listened to, with training and progression opportunities noted, discussed and actioned. A regular performance review shows your team that you care about them and how they feel in their role.

Overall, recognition and development appear to be key focuses for operators, which we believe will support morale and happiness of employees, also helping to relieve exhaustion and stress levels. We also know that a happy team equals happy guests – results from our latest survey show that 90% of guests would spend up to 20% more time at your venue when being served by an engaged team member, so looking closely at feedback from both your guests and your team is paramount.

HGEM’s Client Insight & Relationship Manager, James Whitehouse comments on our insights:

“With three of the lowest performing sections focussed around recognition and development, it is clear that this is an area the industry can focus on. With the long hours associated with hospitality, recognition and giving your teams a ‘purpose’ for being there is key to keep team morale high. Acknowledgement of a team member’s contribution should not be limited to a yearly appraisal, but should be ongoing, ensuring that your team buy in to and are on the same path as your brand. It’s a well-known saying, but a happy team really does equal happy guests.”

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