​Top tips for encouraging recommendations


​Top tips for encouraging recommendations

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Make it easy online – We help clients to engage with their guests and collect high volume feedback through branded feedback sites. A social advocacy option makes it simple for guests to share their experiences on social media and we can even take care of the prize draw admin if feedback is incentivised.

Use visual reminders - Offer a business card with a feedback reminder along with a guest's bill or stick a sign by the door so it's the last thing they see before they leave. This subtly reminds guests you could do with a review just as their visit is about to end.

Focus on service – Positive reviews tend to highlight outstanding standards of service – something that we know can make the guest experience. For example, our survey found that 30% of guests feel that staff infrequently adapt the pace of service to suit their needs when dining out and 61% would like staff to go beyond the requirements of their role more frequently. Recruiting team members with a personality to match your brand, using training to emphasise the importance of each individual’s contribution and effective team briefings can all help create an experience that your guests will want to share.

Just ask - If a guest mentions something positive about your hotel or restaurant, why not take the opportunity to suggest they share their comments online. If you don't ask, you don't get!

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