Turn Scrooge Into Your Buddy


Turn Scrooge Into Your Buddy

Turn Scrooge Into Your Buddy

We're sure you've all noticed it by now - as soon as Hallowe'en and Guy Fawkes Night have passed the countdown to Christmas begins.

Inevitably there will be a few groaning "It's far too early", but one look at the daily trends on Twitter tells us that whether you like it or not, Christmas is on its way, and people are excited about it.

It looks like it's time therefore to start getting in the festive mood. Perhaps it's not quite time for the decorations, but certainly advertising your mulled wine and cider would be a good way to kick off the season, as would a festive ale on tap and perhaps a Christmas cocktail (or warm fruit punch for the tee-totallers).

Embrace the Christmas spirit from the get-go and you will be rewarded by those seeking to soak up the atmosphere throughout late November and December, and perhaps secure some of those last minute bookings for December.

5 ways start the festive period on the front foot...

  1. Mulled wine / cider
  2. Festive ale
  3. Decadent hot chocolate - perhaps with a shot of Baileys?
  4. Warm mixed nuts - check here for an example recipe http://www.marthastewart.com/317760/warm-mixed-nuts
  5. Christmas menus on display

Any one of these will surely turn the Scroogiest of Scrooges into Buddy the Elf!

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