Wellness in hotels: Beyond B&B


Wellness in hotels: Beyond B&B

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Wellness has become a global movement with guests integrating it into their daily lives. And with getaways bringing the opportunity to really slow down, guests are looking to place their well being into the hands of operators, in search for more than a comfy bed to sleep in.

Why stay at a hotel that offers bed and breakfast, when you can stay at a spa hotel? And why stay at a spa hotel when you can enjoy a bespoke retreat? Guests are on the hunt for more, with your average spa and facial package no longer cutting it. So, what are hotels doing to provide wellness breaks for today’s stressed out guest?

Food as medicine: From juice cleanses to vegan menus, prevention is better than cure as guests seek natural alternatives. Health conscious guests want a personalised, nutritional detox to give them the health kick they need to set them on their new path.

Solo getaways: Holidays are no longer just a time for fun in the sun with loved ones, many guests see getaways as a time to heal, manage stress and embrace change. Retreats with therapists and life coaches provide the tools these guests require.

Alternative therapies: In addition to beauty treatments, providing guests with alternative therapies such as reiki, reflexology and hypnotherapy, allow guests to feel rejuvenated but on a much deeper level.

Bring the outside in: Create beautiful spaces inside your hotel using plants and water features whilst ensuring outside spaces such as balconies, resemble more than a concrete block. Guests taking care of their wellbeing like to feel at one with nature and these touches can make even a city break feel like a place of tranquillity.

Sustainable luxury: There is a myth that sustainable and luxury can’t go hand in hand but with a report from Neilson stating that 73% of millennials are willing to pay extra for eco-friendly brands, it’s something that hotels must work towards. Guests want to see hotels championing the local community by providing local produce, reducing waste and affiliating with local charities - this makes guests feel good about their stay.

Growing old gracefully: It’s not all about millennials, there is a market for the older generation more than ever. With non-surgical anti-aging treatments, guests slowing down the clock want to do it in style, during a relaxed stay.

Unplug: Immersion retreats are increasing in popularity, with guests wanting to switch off entirely through guided meditation and yoga classes. Immersion retreats can see guests handing in their phone at check-in whilst leaving the outside world behind.

Have you tapped into the wellness trend? By simply offering nutrition, yoga and meditation classes amongst your usual spa packages, you can set yourself apart from other hotels in your area, showing guests that you care about their wellbeing as much as they do.

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