Wellness restaurants


Wellness restaurants

Wellness restaurants

Going out to dinner is often seen as a thing of indulgence, where guests enjoy rich food and alcoholic drinks. But with the rise of free-from diets, and more guests exploring the link between food and their mental and physical health, many operators are jumping on the wellness concept.

These operators are focusing on the mind, body, soul connection, which proves a popular ethos for a growing number of guests. Providing guests with so much more than a couple of vegan or gluten free options, when dining at a wellness restaurant, you can rest assure that whatever you select from the menu, it's going to be healthy.

From grab and go, to fine dining, these operators offer guests gluten, dairy, preservative free food and vegan options, without compromise on taste or flavour. When it comes to drinks, you're spoilt for choice. Sugar free soft drinks and cocktails are sweetened with alternatives such as fresh fruit and honey and there's organic and bio-dynamic wine and beer available. A health conscious guests dream and a far cry from the limited options still available on the high street today.

The wellness doesn't stop there. As soon as you enter such venues, you're met with fresh, light interiors, often with glass floor to ceiling. With zen music, and plants and greenery throughout, guests can sit back and relax, allowing them to eat calmly and consciously - something guests rarely have time for in today's fast paced world.

Many wellness restaurants and cafe's also host fitness classes with a high focus on yoga and meditation to encourage a mind body connection. In addition, guests can book nutrition classes and attend workshops and talks around all things wellness.

Foodwell, a restaurant, bar and deli, which opened in Manchester earlier this year, hosted free talks and events throughout Mental Health Awareness Week, allowing guests to reflect on their health and well being. Guests also had the opportunity to have 50% off of classes during Mental Health Awareness Week - hosting these extra themed events, not only benefits guests but is also a great way to drum up new interest in your offering.

To measure your wellness offering and discover whether you're zen enough for your guests, get in touch today to see how we can support you with your guest experience on 01225 470999.

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