What’s wrong with a career in hospitality?


What’s wrong with a career in hospitality?

What’s wrong with a career in hospitality?

Someone who trained me once said “You are in a privileged position as a waitress to be able to change 200 people’s days, every day” – I loved that and have never forgotten it.

Last week I ran the school bar on Quiz Night. I took drinks to tables, remembered orders for the guests and made sure that the cheese boards were presented way beyond expectations. I had one guest on quiz night (yes, just the one) that was drinking non-alcoholic drinks. I searched out a fancy glass from the staff room and made sure I topped her up with ice and lime all evening. She has since said to me “you were incredible” – I really wasn’t, it was natural, easy and an absolute pleasure.

Over the last few days, parents, governors and teachers have come up to me and said “you, and your daughter made last night amazing, it was wonderful, we had cold beers, gorgeous cheese and you were everywhere”. The event was held in the school hall (not the best) but it just went to show that good hospitality can be served anywhere.

The opportunity, the chaos, the people, the random hours, the genuine exhaustion and everything in-between that a career in hospitality can provide is incredible. How many other industries offer people such rich and diverse career paths and also the chance to work abroad and travel the world?

Why is it that a job in hospitality is often viewed as a temporary one and not a solid career option?

Results of a survey into young peoples’ attitudes to working in hospitality, by livebookings.com, were widely reported as negative. The research found that out of 1,000 young adults (16-24yrs) questioned, 43% said that they would not consider a career in hospitality.

Hospitality is a skill that we should all be showing our kids and youngsters, enthusing them into a hospitality career that is so rewarding.

So, if you get an opportunity to make someone’s day, do it, whether it’s in one of your 400 restaurants, in a school hall or in your own home, being hospitable, gratification for such simple, kind service, is so rewarding.

Let’s raise the bar.

Lisa Chambers

HGEM Operations & HR Director

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