Will calorie counts on menus ruin enjoyment for guests?


Will calorie counts on menus ruin enjoyment for guests?

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With guests potentially skipping dessert and opting for a glass of wine instead of a bottle, the calorie enforcement could hit the restaurant industry hard. With operators forced to re-think their offering, guaranteeing timely and costly menu changes, hopes are currently being pinned on the hospitality industry to reduce obesity rates across the UK.

But the big question is, how will guests react to this? Will they really make healthier choices?

Of course, meals can contain several hidden calories and if you’re not aware the numbers can certainly rack up, but do guests really need to be told what’s healthy and unhealthy? And if meals out are a treat for most, shouldn’t guests be allowed to indulge, guilt free? When we asked our panel of Mystery Guests, 43% said they would like to see calorie counts on menus but not when having a treat meal.

MacDonald’s has provided calorie information across its menus since 2011 but when choosing to visit a fast food establishment in the first place, how many guests actually opt for a salad over a Big Mac? In some cases, the salad dressing can add more calories than the burger! According to the Telegraph, only 17% of MacDonald’s customers said that calorie counts counted for anything at all when it came to influencing their order.

When we asked our guests if seeing calorie counts on menus would ruin their experience , 40% said yes, with 60% saying that it wouldn’t at all. It appears the majority of guests are not willing to succumb to food guilt.

Ultimately, if all industries pull together, including schools and parents, the restaurant industry can certainly play a part in tackling obesity long term, and whether guests choose to be influenced or not, it is their choice.

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