Will drinks deliveries have the same impact as food?


Will drinks deliveries have the same impact as food?

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The delivery market is thriving more than ever right now with the likes of Deliveroo making it super easy for anyone to access any cuisine at any time from the comfort of their sofa. You can’t deny the statistics that show a major increase in food delivery in the last few years. According to NPD Group, the market is worth £4.2 million, an increase of 73% in a decade. And it’s set to rise, with a predication that the delivery industry will grow 17% over the next two years with British consumers spending £5 billion annually.

So, for operators, thinking about how their offering can be utilised through delivery whatever their product may be, is key. Investing in your own delivery app and saving on third party costs as well as potential risks incurred with putting your brand in a third parties hands, could also be something to consider. In a recent survey in which we asked guests for their thoughts on delivery, 65% revealed that they prefer to order directly from the restaurant which indicates they have more trust in brands over third parties.

Popular coffee chain Costa Coffee have recently announced they have partnered with Deliveroo to trial a delivery service from six stores in London. Customers will have the option to buy bundles including drinks and sweet treats – ideal for those ordering in bulk from their office. It’s equally convenient for people at home who wouldn’t usually walk past a store so this could be a lucrative move for Costa.

We did however ask our panel of mystery guests whether they would pay to have their coffee delivered and 75% said they would not. Probably because they wouldn't get as much for their delivery charge compared to take-away food but with the world running at an increasingly faster pace, there’s no doubt that customers will be willing to pay for convenience in the future as they do for so much else right now.

We look forward to seeing how the delivery market develops. From food temperature and quality to timing and efficiency, we can help you measure how your guests perceive your delivery service. To find out more, get in touch on 01225 470999 or email enquiries@hgem.com.

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