Word-of-Mouth or Online Reviews?


Word-of-Mouth or Online Reviews?

Word-of-Mouth or Online Reviews?

There's no disputing the growing part that technology is playing in the hospitality industry. With guests frequently turning to the online world for recommendations and discussions over where to eat out. Online platforms such as TripAdvisor and Twitter have certainly changed the face of how guests choose their venue. However, despite the power that social media allows guests, we've revealed that it's still word-of-mouth that has the greatest influence on where they choose to eat.

Our survey on dining preferences highlighted that 80% of guests said a face-to-face recommendation, made by a family member or friend, was more likely to affect their decision than a recommendation spotted on social media. Word-of-mouth also trumped special offers, vouchers and was voted twice as persuasive as TripAdvisor.

A great experience will not only generate positive word of mouth but can also increase dwell time. Three quarters of respondents would be 'very likely' to stay longer than planned, or order another course, if they were having an enjoyable dining experience. Increased dwell time encourages a team to upsell, as well as encouraging guests to return again and again.

It's crucial for organisations to ensure management of the guest experience remains top priority. Delivering the perfect guest experience is not just about how good your product is, it's also about the organisation, timing and how a team engage with the guest.

Delivering an experience worth writing home about will not only encourage guests to stay longer, but it will drive sales and spread the positive word to others.

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