World Environment Day


World Environment Day

world environment day

World Environment Day takes places on June 5th and this year the focus of the campaign is on air pollution. From schools to businesses to individuals, people are coming together to make a stand for the campaign. Last year the campaign was all about beating plastic pollution which saw many operators ditching plastic straws. We wanted to take a look at how the hospitality industry is making steps to support World Environment Day this year.

A particular initiative that has stuck out to us is that of a pub called The New Inn, in Great Limber who have introduced a ‘barter board’ to their venue. The board lists requested fruit and veg from the pub’s seasonal menu, that they are willing to swap for a pint or pudding. The only rule is that the produce must be homegrown within Lincolnshire for guests to claim their treat. The New Inn have launched the concept to encourage locals to use local produce - they even tell guests what dishes they have whipped up with their ingredients.

Research from our own survey revealed that 73% of guests are also more likely to visit an establishment if they know it sources their ingredients locally and 62% of guests would visit a venue that promotes sustainability over one that doesn’t. 27% of guests are even willing to spend £1 - £3 more on dishes made from seasonal ingredients, so making steps to help the environment can also be a lucrative move for operators.

What are you doing to support World Environment Day this year?

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