World's best restaurant Noma is making an appearance in London

World's best restaurant Noma is making an appearance in London

Most people would jump at the opportunity to sample the delights of one of the world's most famous eateries. The type that always top best restaurant lists and get glowing reviews from even the harshest of critics. Well now people are being given the chance to sample the delights of Noma, the Danish restaurant which has been ranked the best in the world as its sets up shop in the West End for the Olympics period with dishes cooked up by acclaimed chef René Redzepi.

The pop-up restaurant will be in Claridges in Mayfair for ten days between July 28th and August 6th and will be serving up some of its signature dishes on a stunning five-course lunch and dinner menu at £195 a head.

Speaking about giving the people of London the chance to sample some of Noma's legendary delights, Claridge's general manager Thomas Kochs told the Evening Standard: "This unique dining experience will be the first time the legendary chef will create his ground breaking vision outside Denmark. The arrival of René and his team marks a true milestone in Claridge's culinary history, especially during such an exciting time in the capital."

Overall, just 170 diners will be able to enjoy a taste of Noma in London meaning anyone who wants a reservation needs to act fast.

But while not everyone who wants to dine at Noma will get the opportunity to, its pop-up eatery does have some valuable lessons for hospitality businesses; namely that you are never too big or famous not to make the effort to attract new customers. Noma attracts upwards of 100,000 reservation requests each month but is still making the effort to spread the word about its food and bring it to new audiences.

Why not follow in its footsteps and set up a pop-up eatery in a new town or city or even just another part of the region where you are based to try and get the word out about your restaurant. Not only is a pop-up restaurant a good marketing method, it is also a great opportunity to try new things and play around with your concept without creating havoc in your actual restaurant. You may even find that you widen your customer base as a result.
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