Your last supper


Your last supper

Your last supper

What would you choose for your last supper? We asked our Business Development Manager, Ollie, all about his ideal final dinner party.

Where would you host your meal and how are you getting there?

On a beach (anywhere hot) arriving by boat.

What's on the menu, aside from sand?

Carabineros prawns, BBQ fish (any variety, as long as it's fresh), steamed rice and kangkung (a stringy green vegetable from Indonesia). Followed by ice cream and coffee.

Who's cooking your delicious feast?

Ainsley Harriott, the nicest celebrity 'chef' I've ever met.

Perfect, how would you get the party started?


Who's got a seat at your table for 12?

Ros (my wife), Rocky (my first Head Chef), Escoffier, Kurt Cobain, Richard Bach (he wrote 'Jonathon Livingston Seagull' and flew fighter jets!), Boris Johnson, The Dalai Lama, Anthony Bourdain, Keith Floyd, James Bond (Sean Connery), John Oliver (from The Daily Show), Liza Tarbuck, Rupert (aged 2) and Henry (6 months). I know that's too many, but Rupert and Henry could sit on our laps.

Do your guests have a dress code?

Shorts and flipflops

What are you drinking?

More lager

What music are you playing?

Early 90's rock/grunge

Do you have anything planned for after dinner entertainment?

No. Just sit around the table chatting, drinking and smoking (I miss it!) till the small hours.

What are you giving your guests to remember the evening?

Nothing, they should give me gifts, it's my party.

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