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London Shuffle Club

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Miguel Franco, Operations Director at London Shuffle Club has shared insights into their transformative journey, harnessing the potential of vital technological integrations.Miguel unfolds the narrative, providing profound insights into the club's evolution and the pivotal role played by seamlessly integrated solutions. Read on to see how these integrations not only enhanced efficiency but also elevated customer engagement, fostering overall business growth.

Key partners

LSC's success story revolves around a well-integrated tech ecosystem, each component contributing to a seamless digital guest journey.

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Customer feedback is paramount to London Shuffle Club, and HGEM has played a crucial role in monitoring and analysing reviews.

London Shuffle Club had the transformative shift from a basic feedback system to HGEM's comprehensive platform, which significantly increased response rates and provided detailed insights into customer expectations.

Using HGEM's platform boosted London Shuffle Club's average review ratings from 4.37 to 4.64, and doubled review response ratings.

The seamless integration with Tevalis and Wireless Social created a unified platform for enhanced data analysis.



London Shuffle Club underscores the challenges faced in the early stages, particularly with productivity and flexibility issues.

S4Labour emerged as a game-changer, streamlining human resource management, rostering, and payroll. The integration with Tevalis not only simplified data tracking but also provided valuable insights into individual performance, bringing significant efficiencies to daily operations


Wireless Social

Wireless Social emerged as a pivotal platform for customer interaction and data capture. Miguel has praised the shift from traditional Wi-Fi passwords to personalised splash pages, creating a dedicated guest network.

The platform not only separates customer traffic but also feeds invaluable customer insights directly into their CRM, significantly enhancing their marketing initiatives. The proof of presence generated by Wireless Social has enriched the overall customer experience.



Tevalis, a key player in London Shuffle Club's tech ecosystem, revolutionised order processing, invoice management, and stock tracking.

Miguel has highlighted the seamless integration with other systems, emphasising the positive impact on menu planning, reporting, and overall operational efficiency.

The introduction of Tevalis not only improved productivity but also contributed to better stock control and streamlined financial processes.

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    "At the heart of London Shuffle Club's transformative journey are our tech integrations. These integrations have boosted out efficiency, deepened customer engagement and fuelled business growth. Our investment in rolling out systems that speak to each has been a strategic move that supports our ongoing expansion."

    Miguel Franco | Operations Director

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Miguel discusses how having key integrations in place has undeniably propelled the growth of the business, making it easier for LSC to focus on giving guests the best experience in the world of shuffleboard entertainment.