Mystery Guest Audits

Mystery Guest Audits

The things we observe will be the things that get done

A Mystery Guest programme can pay for itself many times over

Much of this comes from reinforcing the role of servers to sell more through good service. Where we have measured the impact of a new scheme, the average transaction value has increased by 5-10%. This is often due to fewer opportunities being lost to sell additional drinks or sides. But it also comes from ensuring that the team are consistently maintaining brand standards and processes that increase the chance of a guest returning or recommending.

Audit Areas

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Dining & takeaway

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Deliveries & online orders

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Booking processes

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    "We have a great working relationship with HGEM. There's a lot of collaboration and feedback going back and forth; we're always working together to make the most of the insights we get from the Mystery Guest programme. They really understand our shops and what we are trying to achieve."

    Mark Corney | Global Head of Operational Development
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    HGEM's delivery audits help gain insight on delivery experiences, have fuelled us to actions and to trial new things, and over 3 months, NPS has increased by 15 points. The level of data has been really useful. We're really impressed with the audits and support received from HGEM.

    Dean Stobbart | Head of Sales
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    Great responses to queries and questions, very flexible, the Mystery Guests are knowledgeable and well informed, very good customer service and easy to work with.

    Fran Gaech | Operations Manager
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    HGEM audits allow us to draw macro level conclusions about areas of support we need to focus on in order to drive sustainable positive change.

    Michael Barclay, | Business Development Manager

Features include


Mystery guest assessments are the only practical way to objectively measure the delivery of standards, processes and behaviours, free of any subjective opinions.


A key feature of our reports, as distinct from many mystery shopping companies, is the depth of factual detail, often against all questions. These help you to picture what actually happened.


Reports delivered to your teams as PDFs are branded, but this can be more than just your logo. Some clients take the opportunity to create a brand specifically for their programme to communicate the purpose and drive appropriate actions.


Many of the options we’ve been asked for over the years have found their way into our standard product, including pass/fail, focus questions, historical results, question categories, guest journey stage, and company comparison.


In addition to the standard recurring mystery visits, there are other types that we can track separately, including deliveries, phone enquiries, sales showrounds, and projects (such as new openings).


A picture tells a thousand words. Useful images can be added to your report for viewing in The Hub, as can recordings of telephone enquiries.


The accuracy and usefulness of our reports is really important to us, and understanding your culture and expectations are key to this. So unlike many mystery shopping companies, we don’t outsource proofreading, but carry out our own extensive quality checks on every single report.


No waiting around for the results. A detailed report for a visit completed today will be in your inbox and in The Hub by the next business day. Unless, that is, you want to hold back reports until the end of the period to keep teams on their toes – we can do this too.


Each guest experience is as natural as possible, rather than an ‘assignment’. So normally, the mystery guest will have chosen to visit your venue because it’s the kind of thing they like to do and it fits their schedule.


The status of our mystery guests is driven by the quality of their recent reports, so we can ensure they are motivated to make accurate observations and useful descriptions.


In The Hub, managers can access a series of Little GEM e-learning modules, each aligned to a segment in the wheel, to help train your teams in best practice and get great results.


Managers can see how they compare to other locations through the use of league tables and other benchmarking options.

Achieve Operational Excellence

Elevate your guest experience management with Mystery Guest Audits

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