Employee Feedback

Employee Feedback

Retain team members and attract new ones

Improve employee happiness and engagement

Recruitment issues have become the norm in the hospitality industry, and there's a bigger focus on retention than ever before. By engaging with your teams on a regular basis, for example by implementing an employee feedback solution, managers can have a clearer understanding of their concerns and motivations, and help them thrive, leading to a decrease in employee churn rates. As an additional benefit, employee happiness has a proven correlation to customer satisfaction, so by improving one, operators are also influencing the other.

Capture employee feedback

with a fully customisable survey site designed for your staff.

We recommend an ongoing 'Happiness Tracker' approach with a quick survey that can easily be accessed, for example, through a link on an employee portal or QR poster in the staff room.

It is also possible to gather employee feedback on a project-basis through an annual or bi-annual survey.

View our sample Employee Survey here

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Features include


Like our guest surveys, those for team members can match the look and feel of your existing branding to reinforce your messaging and values.


Each team member goes through a number of different stages during their employment journey, from induction to probation and anniversaries to exit. We can host a different survey for each stage.


We track a Key Performance Indicator, which we call Employee NPS – this works in the same way as a traditional Net Promoter Score and enables us to identify the proportion of employees likely to promote us as an employer versus those likely to do the opposite.


You can view all of the feedback in one central platform, our guest experience platform, The Hub. As this feedback may contain sensitive information, you can control access to users and set permissions on what data they can see within the platform.


Opportunities will be ranked in order of the number of points that have been lost. This will help you to identify where to target your efforts for maximum return.


Keep your finger on the pulse by viewing a feed of the most recent comments and where they've come from, coloured according to their rating.


If you wish to do your own analysis, we make this easy with exportable datasheets that include answers, scores and comments.


In The Hub, managers can access a series of Little GEM e-learning modules, each aligned to a segment in the wheel, to help train your teams in best practice and get great results.

Engage with your team

Improve both employee and customer satisfaction

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