Hospitality at home


Hospitality at home

homemade meal

Often nothing can beat a home-cooked meal and it's a great way to bring family and friends together. For many of us, when you think of a home-cooked meal, British classics spring to mind such as a roast dinner, but for today's adventurous guest, more and more of us are inspired to create dishes from all over the world.

The latest source of inspiration for guests (particularly millennials) no longer comes from a recipe book but from food blogs instead. When it comes to blogs, food is up there as one of the hot topics to talk about and it's not surprising considering we all eat!

These foodies use their own experience for their inspiration – so from far away travel to great restaurants, their blogs detail both what to do and what not to do to create great dishes in the comfort of their own home.

From healthy takeaways to fine dining to quick meals for kids, you can search for whatever DIY menu you fancy and be presented with a variety of recipes to choose from within seconds. And it doesn't stop there. Many food bloggers give you a real taste for the culture of where their dish originates from, with ideas on how to dress your table and drinks to compliment the ultimate dinner party guest experience.

So, what if you're a foodie but don’t have the time to spare? Even the laziest cooks are finding other ways to eat without venturing to a restaurant or the supermarket… and we’re not talking about takeaways. Guests now have the option to order a ready prepared box of ingredients, all weighed out for them, with simple step by step instructions on how their chosen dish. With a choice of cuisines from around the world to vegan and allergy friendly options, there really is no excuse not to create hospitality at home.

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