If it didn't happen on social media, did it even happen?


If it didn't happen on social media, did it even happen?

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Millennials are incredibly influential, and they care far more about experiences than material things, which is great for the hospitality industry - but are you targeting them? With an opportunity to make someone’s day and create a brand-new experience, operators can really fine tune the experience their guests receive.

So, is the experience you provide worth sharing on social media? If it isn’t, it’s not worth Millennials time. Not only are Millennials influenced by social media, they actually don’t want to experience something they wouldn’t share themselves. If your hotel room, table setting and food presentation isn’t instagramable, chances are Millennials won’t know about you and won’t pay you a visit.

Investing in your own social media is key. By providing guests with a hashtag on arrival, you can improve your reach. Communicating with guests who tag you makes them feel special and will encourage their friends to see what you’re about. Competitions for a free stay or free dinner will also increase your following.

So other than instagramable spaces and incredible food, how else can you provide Millennials with an experience to remember? Hotels are jumping on guest service apps – an efficient way of communicating with guests and fulfilling their needs. From simple requests to advice on local attractions, to making dinner reservations, these apps are catering to guests need for speed and efficiency whilst giving them the unique experience they want.

A great example of thinking outside the box comes from Hilton Hotel’s ‘Canopy’ brand – aimed at Millennials. With several in the US, the first is currently under construction in the UK in Aldgate, London. The idea of the Canopy brand is to reflect the local history and art scene of its location including bespoke fabrics and furniture in each room, making for an Instagram lover’s dream. When it comes to food, Canopy offer a selection of restaurants and cafes serving up healthy breakfasts, artisan dishes and drinks - plenty of choice to satisfy today’s health conscious guest. Additionally, they provide surprises for guests such as a welcome pastry, food and wine tasting nights and live music within the hotel.

These simple things provide the experiences that Millennials crave, the moments they love to snap shot in real time, providing free promotion for you. So, what can you do to cater to today’s savvy generation?

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