Why Review Management matters

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Why Review Management matters

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The effect on the bottom line

Review management is an integral part of Guest Experience Management, as your online reputation has an effect on your customers' perception of your business, even before they set foot in the venue.

It's common sense that having great review scores is good for growing the business, but what you perhaps weren't aware of is the exponential impact it can have.

Here's a few stats we've compiled from various sources to illustrate the impact reviews have on the bottom line:

  • Studies have shown sites can expect a 12% increase in review volume, and a 0.12 improvement in average review scores once they start responding to reviews.
  • Venues with 4 or 5-star reviews are placed 9% higher on search listings, which increases footfall and makes it likelier for your customers to leave even more reviews.
  • One often-quoted academic article on the importance of reviews is this one – Yelp found that increasing a venue's review score from 3.5 to 4 stars increased the likelihood to reach full capacity from 30% to 49%.
  • The lion parable: you don’t have to out-run a lion to avoid being eaten – you just have to run faster than the other guy. This principle also applies to reviews, you just have to beat the competition to reap the rewards. By analysing data in The Hub, we've found that a good benchmark here is a 4.4 review score – reach that point and you’re generally better than a majority of the competition.

So, now that the importance of Review Management is clear - how to get started? You could try to keep an eye on the various review channels and respond to each one manually. Another option is to use software to do the legwork for you and utilise a tool such as the incredibly useful Review Management module by HGEM. You can find out more about its main features in the following paragraphs.

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Simplifying Review Management

We can help streamline and optimise your online reputation management with our Review Management module. Our Guest Experience Management platform The Hub can pull reviews from more than a dozen sources. The module offers more than just collecting the reviews - you can analyse patterns through charts and datasheets, and monitor statistics on responses and competitors.

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Respond within The Hub

You can respond to reviews from Google and Facebook conveniently from within The Hub, making it easier and faster to respond to reviews. For other sources, you can get a direct URL to the review location, saving you time.

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Use Response Templates

Use our suite of response templates to make responding even easier. Templates are suggested to the user based on the score of the review. You can also add in either an introduction or a signature.

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