Zero waste restaurants


Zero waste restaurants

zero waste restaurant

We’ve looked at zero waste shops, helping people combat climate change, but a far greater drain on the environment than the individual consumer is of course, restaurants. Restaurants have started making steps but there is so much more that they could be doing. An incredible example comes from Mexican street food chain, Wahaca.

Wahaca’s ethos is ‘street food than won’t cost the earth’ and they mean that quite literally. From their interiors to their food, Wahaca do everything they can to reduce their impact on the environment. From their first restaurant opening in London’s Covent Garden, the company challenged themselves to be a climate leader in the industry. They now have a net zero carbon footprint according to The CarbonNeutral Protocol.

Wahaca are certainly a leader in their field, working to utilise their energy in house, using the heat generated from their fridges and freezers to heat their water. They also have a zero-landfill policy and convert all food waste into biogas and liquid fertiliser. In terms of produce, they import locally as much as possible and buy free range from farmers with the same ethics as theirs.

Going green could be a wise move, not only in combatting climate change but being lucrative for your pocket. It turns out that the majority of guests are keen for green. With results from our latest survey, 94% of guests think better of a brand that actively promotes their sustainable efforts. And 15% of those think that operators making changes will influence that of consumers. A whopping 100% of our guests believe that operators should now be acting as sustainably as possible.

When we break it down and look at where guests believe that operators should most focus their efforts, reduced packaging came out on top for 93% of guests. 90% would like a food waste process to be in place such as distributing all food waste to the homeless. A few big suick service names came under fire earlier this year after it was revealed they simply throw out perfectly edible sandwiches and other food products. 87% of guests would like to see metal or paper straws rolled out across all restaurants, and 45% believe that operators should be donating to charities that help to combat climate change.

So, how can you shout about your efforts? We asked our guests where they would like to see you promoting all that you are doing for the environment. 93% would like to see you communicating it at your venue so it’s worth investing in your signage and menus where you use local produce and support charities etc. 67% would like you to promote this on social media and 61% on your website. These are great ways to attract new customers to your venue when they are searching for new places to visit. 15% would like you to promote your efforts via email – this is a great way to share your new initiatives with existing guests.

Feel a bit overwhelmed with where to start? Local produce is the way to go. 82% of guests are more likely to choose a venue that proactively sources local produce over one that doesn’t. As operators become more and more conscious, make sure you don’t lose out to your competitors, and start implementing small changes now.

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