Guest Experience Management for Hospitality

Guest Experience Management for Hospitality

Your business thrives on its reputation, and this in turn is influenced by the way in which the experience of your guests is managed. We call this Guest Experience Management, and we have the technology and services to help you be amazing at it. Here’s what makes up the GEM solution:

The GEM Solution

  • Engage with mystery guests and your managers
  • Measure standards and emotions
  • Improve consistency

Mystery visits are used to frame what is expected from your teams and to measure how effective they are at delivering it.

  • Benefit from a community of dependable mystery guests (as distinct from mystery shoppers)
  • Be properly informed, with more detail in our reports than you will find elsewhere (it’s no tick box exercise!)
  • Trust in our accuracy, due to our obsessive quality control and in-house validation (we do not outsource to proof-readers)
  • Build a solution to suit your needs, using our purpose-designed software (we do not use off-the shelf mystery shopping software)
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  • Standards vs experience
  • Calls & Showrounds
  • Report dashboards
  • Benchmarking
  • Delivery options
  • Engage your guests
  • Measure word-of-mouth
  • Improve your reputation

An online feedback site helps you to keep your finger on the pulse of what guests are saying about you. And because it’s private, you’re more in control than with a public review site, so you can bring guests into your communication orbit.

  • Promote brand awareness with fully-branded sites and incentives
  • Target around 20-40 feedback results per site per month
  • View results online or in our mobile app
  • Use alerts to recover unhappy guests
  • Promote positive word-of-mouth
  • Support marketing initiatives by growing your guest database
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  • Site Design
  • Notifications
  • Social advocacy
  • Prize Draw Admin
  • Engage your employees
  • Measure knowledge, understanding and compliance
  • Improve skills and competence

To consistently deliver great experiences, your teams need to be equipped with the confidence and competence to do what is expected of them, and you need to be able to track what they have learnt. Our unique service will help in the following ways:

  • A branded platform to engage employees and track their learning
  • Put all your learning in one place, whether elearning, documents, videos, face-to-face events, observations or personal reviews
  • Help with your content strategy, whether sourcing from other suppliers, building in-house, or customising our GEM titles
  • Learning plans that are specific to a person’s role and location
  • Strategic support from learning experts
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  • Branded portal
  • Personalised content
  • Learning library
  • Advanced reporting
  • Engage your managers
  • Measure your GEM performance
  • Improve your oversight and control

The world of data analysis is moving fast and we have an ongoing programme of developments to make it easier to engage with your data and to learn what you need to make the right decisions and to trigger the right actions.

  • Choose how to access your data from web, mobile and email
  • Benchmark performance, both internally and externally
  • Use our team of analysts, on hand to help with reporting templates and interpretation
  • Influence our software development programme to meet your business needs
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  • Mobile application
  • Web portal
  • Benchmarking
  • Integrations
  • Engage with us
  • Measure team culture
  • Improve your GEM effectiveness

Your success is our success, so we like to work in partnership with our clients. We’ll take the effort to understand and reflect what makes you different in the marketplace, and to tailor our solutions to match. Our team includes people who have worked in hospitality management positions at different levels, so we understand the challenges and practicalities. Here are some ways that we can help:

  • Design of questionnaires and reports to suit your business
  • Examination of cultural obstacles to effective GEM
  • Attendance at manager meetings to help with buy-in
  • A sounding board for your ideas on GEM, as well as a source of best practice
  • Creation of learning pathways and advice in sourcing content
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  • Amazing Support
  • Learning Management
  • Cultural Reviews
  • Change Projects

Beautiful, Usable Data

We want you to enjoy making use of our data, but also for it to involve minimal effort. So we’re continually developing the way we collect and organise data, and the way your teams can access it through mobile and web applications.

Mobile app to easily access your report data on the move

Mobile app to easily access your report data on the move

Web portal with custom reports for deeper interaction with your data

Web portal with custom reports for deeper interaction with your data

What you want to know, in a format to suit you

What you want to know, in a format to suit you

Grounded in the GEM framework

The success of most guest experiences depends on the interaction between 4 main elements: People, Process, Product and Perception. By interpreting them in the context of your brand promise, we can frame what we expect as the intended guest experience, measure your success in delivering it, and produce resources that help you to get better.

I want every guest to feel that we will look after them well as a result of the welcome they received I want every guest to feel we were both friendly and attentive to their needs, rather than just following a process I want every guest to feel that our conversations were engaging and relevant, rather than robotic I want our team to work together so efficiently in pursuit of every guest’s needs that the service appears effortless I don’t want any guest to feel they were either rushed or left waiting at any stage of the experience I want every guest to feel that paying the bill was easy and efficient, and that we would be pleased to see them again I want every dish delivered to guests to match the agreed specification for quality, temperature and presentation I want guests to feel our team are both keen and able to advise on the contents of the menu and of specific dishes I want every guest to willingly spend more, and to feel that their experience was enhanced as a result I don’t want any guest to notice lack of cleanliness or tidiness at any point in their experience I want potential guests to be encouraged to visit us as a result of either kerb appeal, promotions or brand digital presence I want to give every guest positive ‘social currency’ during their experience that they will recommend us when talking to friends Your brand promise sits at the heart of the guest experience, influencing each segment

Explore what GEM could mean for your business

What is GEM?

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