Guest Feedback Surveys

Guest Feedback Surveys

Listen to and engage with your guests

A customer satisfaction survey is part of the guest's journey

So, ensure your brand is represented in the best way - our surveys are designed to fully align with your website to feel like an organic extension of your brand, and come with smart, dynamic features that allow you to tailor the journey and enhance the user experience. When integrated with a CRM system, the ratings and comments we capture can add richness to what you know about guests and help you design effective marketing campaigns to drive up sales. It's a really good way to track your Net Promoter Score (NPS), be alerted to things that might require attention, and influence word-of-mouth recommendations.

Beautiful, dynamic surveys

Our feedback sites have the most comprehensive branding capabilities on the market, and come with cutting-edge features, such as dynamic user journeys and personalisation.

Get a flavour of what your survey could look like by perusing existing ones below:

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  • Stephanie Farrow Logo

    Since we launched our guest experience management programme with HGEM, we have transformed the culture and the way that PizzaExpress listens to customers.

    Stephanie Farrow | Head of Strategy & Insight Read PizzaExpress Case Study
  • Kate Dell Logo

    "HGEM survey sites and review management make our lives easier and provide real clarity on what our guests think. There's clear feedback on what we're doing well and where we can improve."

    Kate Dell | Head of Brand
  • Bobby Hashemi Logo

    “HGEM have been invaluable in providing us with objective & timely guest feedback, which in turn enormously helps our teams monitor performance & strive to continually improve our service standards."

    Bobby Hashemi | Founder & Director
  • Katie Butler, Marketing Manager Logo

    "It's been a pleasure working with HGEM. The reports are easy to understand and we've had a great response to our feedback surveys within our cafes."

    Katie Butler, Marketing Manager | University of Sheffield

Features include


This means more than just a logo and your corporate colours on the survey. We want to promote your brand, not ours. So, your feedback site will closely match your website.


Survey invites can be triggered from platforms such as pay-by-phone, CRM, bookings or wifi. Meta data such as visit date, location, guest ID, visit type and any question where the answer is already known can be prepopulated in the survey, which means there's less for your guest to fill in, improving the overall experience, and increasing completion rates.


Sales at bricks-and-mortar sites are increasingly complemented by sales through other channels such as delivery, click-and-collect, subscription apps, loyalty schemes, and so on. For digital channels, we can provide code and settings that allow you to fully embed short surveys into any website or app.


A guest can take many different pathways through a survey – we use what we already know about the guest or their experience to ensure all questions are relevant. There can also be multiple exit points, for those with less time to spare, and guests can select their preferred language.


Ratings help us to measure key aspects of the experience, while text comments and photos add richness to the feedback. All can be captured in the survey and used in reporting and analysis.


There is an option to import your menu so we can capture dish KPIs (such as satisfaction and value for money). Guests can select what they ordered using predictive text to filter images. For certain POS systems, we can make this even easier by looking up the transaction for details of what the guest ordered.


Surveys can be configured to display as an app on a tablet and to automatically refresh after each feedback. At-table feedback can give an opportunity to meaningfully engage with the guest – a good example is when they have chosen a trial dish.


An optional feature to direct the guests to your social media pages, once they've submitted feedback.


As standard, our surveys come with a range of automated measures designed to prevent fake feedback from reaching your analysis. When designing your survey, we can assess which of these are best suited for your circumstances.


We can set up email alerts with the guest’s comments if a survey scores below a certain threshold. Optionally, this can also create a task within our platform's action centre for a designated person to pick up. And, if you have a Zendesk account, we can create a customer service ticket using the guest’s email address.


Prize draws can be a good way of attracting people to provide feedback. Or you may wish to issue vouchers in return for feedback – these can be useful to encourage repeat visits. Either way, we can administer these on your behalf and advise you on how to maximise feedback volume.


Guests can consent to be added to your marketing database, and we can export contact details, ratings and comments to your CRM either via a scheduled file export or through the HGEM API. The guest identifier can be either an email or an anonymous ID passed in through the survey invite.

Enhance Customer Experience

Elevate your guest experience management with a Feedback Site

Need a hand with complaints?

As an optional add-on service to the Guest Feedback module, you can now outsource Complaint Management to HGEM. This service is particularly useful for businesses wanting to have a comprehensive guest recovery process, but are lacking capacity or resources.

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