10 ways to increase your phone bookings


10 ways to increase your phone bookings

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The guest experience starts from the first interaction a guest has with your team. With 42% of guests preferring to make Christmas bookings over the phone rather than by email or in person, your team's phone conduct can have a huge impact on your seasonal sales. If you're wondering how to increase Christmas bookings, here are a few tips to get the most from the initial contact.

1. Answer the phone promptly

Picking up the phone within the first few rings indicates to guests know that your team will be attentive and on hand to help throughout their meal.

2. Build rapport with the caller

Taking the time to build rapport with the caller and showing an interest in the individual demonstrates that your business treats people as guests, not customers.

3. Encourage bookings during enquiries

Enquiries show guests have an interest in booking with you, but are uncertain about making a commitment. Informed and well-trained staff can allay concerns and inspire the confidence to make a decision, transforming booking enquires into sales.

4. Ask about any special requirements

Checking whether guests have any dietary requirements or might require adjustments for accessibility will allow your team to stay one step ahead of the guest's needs and not be caught out on the spot with any tricky requests.

5. Demonstrate knowledge of the menus on offer

Consistent, regular training will ensure your team can offer authoritative suggestions on menu options and even sell various deals or options to the guest over the phone.

6. Communicate time restrictions on tables

Making sure guests understand any time constraints in advance will mean you can avoid any disappointed expectations on the day.

7. Cross-sell additional deals

Taking a booking is the perfect time to cross-sell extra 'perks' you might be offering at the time, such as an extra overnight stay or a discounted bottle of Prosecco along with a meal.

8. Obtain additional contact details

Recording email addresses or any additional personal details can help you contact the guest if necessary, as well as begin setting up a guest profile to personalise their experience in the future.

9. Secure a pre-order for food

Taking a pre-order for meals during the booking process will ensure parties receive their meals at the same time and in a timely fashion.

10. Confirm the booking details

Never assume that you heard all details correctly the first time - by training your team to double check before they hang up you are likely to minimise your level of mistakes, misunderstandings and, consequently, guest complaints.

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