Building relationships through conversation


Building relationships through conversation

Three guests sat outside at a restaurant

The hospitality industry is built on relationships. Some can be very quick - a brief exchange as a guest orders a pint at the bar; others have staying power, such as the regular guest who knows all the staff on a first name basis. Conversations can be a great tool for building those relationships.

The power of conversation

In order to establish a relationship, we need to feel like we understand the other person; engaging conversation is the best way of trying to do this. In fact, establishing a relationship with staff is part of the experience for many of our guests. We often hear feedback regarding a favourite waiter, waitress or concierge as when a positive relationship is formed, it enhances the guest experience. The relationships provide a degree of comfort and familiarity that encourage loyalty and positive reviews, be those online or by word-of-mouth. So, not only is building relationships great for the guest, it's also great for business.

How to make conversation

Making conversation with guests is, at its most basic level, about asking questions. Enquiring about where they might be from or the purpose of their visit and demonstrating genuine interest in the answer can help to break down barriers and make the interaction increasingly personal. The key is to make the guest feel special and not that you're talking just to tick a box. This could be the key to guest loyalty in an increasingly competitive industry.

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