Can technology provide a solution for guest loyalty?


Can technology provide a solution for guest loyalty?

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As competition in the hospitality industry increases, operators are searching for effective ways of improving their guest loyalty and making their offer appealing to new guests. As technology pushes forward and we become increasingly more dependent on it- could operators look to it for their solution?

As the culture around 9-5 office working slowly begins to change, we see more people working outside of the office environment - choosing cafes, parks and trains as their temporary office. Some hospitality operators already take advantage of this by enticing guests in with the offer of free wi-fi, but technology can go one step further towards driving guests through their doors.

Call Systems Technology have created a tablet and charging solution specifically designed for the hospitality industry, it's called Discgo. The portable device not only offers multiple device charging at the same rate as plugging into a wall, but it also facilitates advertising/promotions from the operator. It comes with a handy app that notifies users when their batteries are at less than 30%, then highlights the nearest Discgo locations to them - literally sending them to the operators' door.

This technology presents a great opportunity to not only get people through the door but also to increase the spend per head; as the guests stay longer to fully charge their devices. It could mean that operators welcome a whole new market of guests that would perhaps not previously have chosen to visit, but may well become regularly returning customers.

Ashley Shepherd, commercial director for CST commented, "Today we live in a world where for many, not having the means to charge your phone and stay connected can at the very worst instil panic. Initial trials of Discgo showed that customers stayed longer, typically for up to two more drinks, with many making regular returns, simply because they were continually charged and connected."

There's no doubt that technology has a growing part to play in the hospitality industry, the question is, what's next?

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