CGA Peach’s Eating Out Special- how was the guest experience perceived in 2016?


CGA Peach’s Eating Out Special- how was the guest experience perceived in 2016?

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CGA Peach’s Eating Out Special on Looking for Tomorrow’s Growth is an in-depth review of the hospitality industry over the last year. From the analysis of restaurant openings and industry growth, we’ve pulled a few key stats to take into 2017 that demonstrate the importance of a great guest experience.

The percentage of guests who “strongly approve” of food quality, food choice, hygiene and cleanliness, service, and value for money in hospitality are all at their lowest levels since 2013. With more choice on the market than ever, the bar is being raised for guest experience. Operators who can meet the ever-higher standards set by guests have a real opportunity to shine.

Only 15% of guests exhibit loyalty to hospitality brands. However, with those 15% of guests accounting for 30% of all visits, it’s essential to convert guests to loyal supporters of your business.

Being “trustworthy”, “honest”, and “reliable” are the key to encouraging guest loyalty. When guests were asked to describe their favourite brands, these were amongst the top 5 words used. In fact, “trustworthy” tops the list, and is used 28% more frequently by those who are loyal than those who aren’t. Terms like “fun”, “exciting”, and “cool” are much further down the list. Excitement and hype might get guests through the door, but to create reliable return visitors, you need to offer a reliable service.

Pubs were perceived as having worse service and food than restaurants, but being better value overall. Restaurants need to be more active in demonstrating their value to guests. Make sure staff can talk enthusiastically and confidently about what you offer, so guests understand exactly what they’re paying for.

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