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Customer Success Story - Stirr Ups


Stirr Ups Story

Stirr Ups is a restaurant and cocktail bar in Cotswolds that brings its customers a relaxed, modern and unique dining experience.


Launched during the pandemic, Stirr Ups kicked things off with a popular cocktail delivery service and quickly won the hearts of the locals, although there were a few elements in the service where more feedback was needed. Before HGEM, the business had relied on anecdotal and ad hoc comments, however they wanted to get a solution in place that could provide consistent feedback in order to:

  • Take customer experience to the next level
  • Get more visibility into the customer journey, in particular into the delivery side, as that made up 15% of the overall revenue.
  • Set a solid foundation in customer experience, along with brand standards and processes, upon which an expansion could later be launched from
  • Understand what customers think of their street food inspired menu, where the challenging aspect is the frequency of dishes changing.


We worked very close together with the Stirr Ups team to design a programme that would help the business reach their goals, and implemented:

  • Mystery Guest Audits - The idea behind setting up Mystery Guests Audits was to have an outside view of the whole customer experience journey. The reports provide important data when assessing where Stirr Ups are successful in providing the experience they were aiming for or where they could improve
  • Delivery Audits - Added to understand the experiences of delivery customers, as it's such an important revenue source for Stirr Ups
  • Review Management - An important tool to help Stirr Ups track review trends and help make it easier to reply quickly and with the brand-approved tone of voice, using review templates
  • Product Ratings - To help Stirr Ups with a fast-changing street food style menu, product ratings helped the business to dial down into what works best and streamline menu development
  • Guest Feedback - Implemented in order to gather data on what real customers think of the Stirrups brand, service and offering


  • Mystery Guest Audits enabled Stirr Ups to tweak the customer welcome journey, and as a result the dine-in experience has greatly improved.
  • Delivery Audits helped the business to streamline the delivery process, changing the system, packaging, food presentation and even recipes - to be optimised specifically for delivery customers. This also helped drive more sales on Stirr Ups' own pick-up/collection platform
  • Since making changes to the deliver process, Stirr Ups' Delivery Audit scores increased from 76% to 97%.
  • Review Management and Review Response templates allowed the management to delegate responding to reviews and increasing the rate of responses overall, whilst freeing up management's time to focus on other areas. The average time to respond to reviews has seen a dramatic change, from 12.3 (days) to 1.94 (days), and responding to more reviews has also had an impact on the venue's overall Review Rating, increasing from 4.68 to 4.79.

The dine-in experience has improved greatly, we are receiving more five-star reviews than ever before, and the reviews are mentioning the things we are focusing on in the mystery guest audits.

- Shayne Ogden | GM

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