Does transparency in your offering create the ultimate guest experience?


Does transparency in your offering create the ultimate guest experience?

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Last weekend, popular fast food chain KFC exclusively let its customers behind the scenes in their kitchens at 300 locations with tickets at £5 on a first come first serve basis. Customers weren’t only a fly on the wall but helped make KFC’s famous original chicken recipe and ate their creations afterwards.

Such a personal experience as this is great to build loyalty and trust between guests and brands. Should all restaurants jump on this concept? Being transparent in your offering certainly adds another element to the guest experience.

Other ways operators are achieving this is by having their kitchens open on the restaurant floor for guests to see and feel like part of the action. An example of this comes from Pizza Express who announced the relaunch of its Langham Place, Oxford Circus site last week. The new look restaurant features the kitchen as centre stage with a designated bar area near the entrance. The pizza chain has rolled this out on a trial basis as it wants its customers to feel the theatre and authenticity of the brand. Witnessing first-hand the passion and creation that goes into a meal makes it all the more enjoyable.

But it’s not only about seeing how food is prepared, it’s about what food and where that food has come from. When we asked our panel of mystery guests, 82% revealed that knowing the provenance of the ingredients in their food is important or very important to them. What’s more, 73% of guests would be more likely to visit a restaurant if they source their ingredients locally, with 62% willing to spend £2-£3 more on dishes with sustainable ingredients.

Ultimately, being transparent in your offering, whether that be through inviting guests into your kitchen or via your social media promotions, can be a really lucrative move for operators. Health and sustainability are fast becoming expected as a normal part of the guest experience rather than a luxury, so shouting about your local ingredients and commitment to sustainability is key in today’s market.

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