Families spending on hospitality increases


Families spending on hospitality increases

Birdseye view of a family eating sunday lunch at a pub

Families are spending more on eating out and hospitality for the first time in 5 years, reveals the Office of National Statistics.

Families are spending £1.80 more per week on eating out than they were last year, raising the average weekly spend to above £45 for the first time since 2011. The average household is now spending 10% of their income on hospitality, including: restaurants and café meals; alcoholic drinks consumed outside the home; takeaway and delivery meals; and hotels.

Our survey revealed last year 68% of guests feel chain restaurants are the best at catering for children, suggesting that this sector in particular could benefit from the unexpected boost in family spending. Here are our top tips for delivering a family-centred service:

Be flexible

Although guests overwhelmingly expect to see children’s menus when dining out (91%), 36% would rather order small plates from the main menu for their children. Try to be flexible about your offering and show a willingness to improvise and adjust dishes for your littlest guests.

Be fast

When asked how pubs could appeal more to families, many guests’ suggestions revolved around a speedy service, with “shorter waiting times” and “prompt food arrival” common recommendations. As well as entertaining kids with colouring packs and crayons, consider how you can speed up service; for example, introducing a payment app to prevent parents having to wait round at the end of the meal, or an advanced ordering system to get food out faster.

Be personal

Dining out with children comes with a unique set of challenges, your team should expect to handle families differently. A warm greeting to kids and parents alike, helping manoeuvre buggies and prams, finding a table with enough space to spread out – all show that families are welcome and demonstrate a more friendly and personal service.

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