Is your feedback survey optimised?

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Is your feedback survey optimised?

Must-have features in a feedback solution

Most hospitality businesses today use some form of feedback gathering solution for insight into the customer experience, but with so many options on the market - is yours driving value to its optimum potential?

A customer satisfaction survey that usually gets filled in post-visit, in many ways, is an extension of the customer's experience, so it's important that the visual aspects and functionality reflect the kind of brand your business is.

Further, there are many smart features available with contemporary surveys that can enhance both the user experience, and the survey completion rates - improving customer satisfaction and increasing data volume at the same time.

Here are 3 key features to look out for:

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  • Custom Branding - Our surveys align fully with existing branding and feel like an organic extension of your website, giving you control over how customers perceive and connect with your brand.
  • Dynamic Survey - Survey questions adapt to the customer's experience and change based on, e.g. whether the guest had food or not. This, along with multiple exit points, ensures a high completion rate is achieved.
  • Personalisation - Answers can be pre-populated with information we already know - e.g. which location and time the customer visited, boosting completion rates and feedback volume for your business.

Making your life easier

The beautiful design and our market-leading dynamic features help ensure high completion rates and data volume, however that's only one side of the coin. We also want to make life easier for you when it comes to managing feedback.

Platform features our clients love:

  • Analytics: interactive dashboards / graphs and trends
  • Inbox / Action Centre: respond to feedback and task management
  • Reporting: extract any data you want or get a report sent to your inbox
  • Incentives: we'll take care of voucher management and prize draws
  • Integrations: popular CRMs, complaint management (such as Zendesk), e-commerce, BI systems, and more
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