Full of beans: How can you boost your coffee offering?


Full of beans: How can you boost your coffee offering?

Latte in a coffee cup

A good cup of coffee is no longer an afterthought at the end of a meal out; it’s an essential part of a guest’s experience. With a reported three quarters of guests valuing coffee as an important part of the overall experience, hospitality operators from all sectors need to take a good look at their coffee offering.

Offer quality

Even a small selection done well can still make a significant difference to your guests. Speaking to BigHospitality, Coco di Mama’s co-founder Daniel Land identified 3 key things to consider for a high-quality coffee offering: sourcing fresh and well-roasted beans, investing in good equipment, and grinding to order.

Put coffee firmly on the menu

It’s not enough for your coffee offering to exist, it needs to be advertised. One of our clients uses our Mystery Visits service to check that coffee is being properly displayed and promoted at their sites, many others want to know if it’s being suggested during visits. Once you’ve begun to offer coffee, you need to ensure it is being offered to every guest.

Showcase your team's expertise

Even operators with a well-established coffee selection may benefit from ensuring that their staff’s barista skills are up to standard. Recent research from Costa found that 52% of people choose where they purchase coffee from based on the skills of the barista.

Discuss coffee with your guests

Offering guests coffee in restaurants should be as instinctive as offering them a dessert menu – in fact, 31% of guests report ordering coffee in place of desserts when eating out. A report unveiled at Pub17 revealed that 2/3rds of people believe a high-quality cup of coffee served at the end of a meal can make the difference between a good experience, and a great one.

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