Hipster food fads lose traction with guests


Hipster food fads lose traction with guests

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Are hipster food trends going down in public opinion? It appears this might well be the case, according to a report by Big Hospitality. The article, based on Bookatable's quarterly dining trends report, revealed that nearly three quarters of guests would avoid ordering anything too 'unusual' off the menu and that a mere 5% of diners would pick a place to eat based on whether it offered trending ingredients or dishes.

The popular restaurant booking platform suggested that the move away from food fads could be due to 'food fatigue' – a result of the influx of recent food trends such as freakshakes. Interestingly, it appears the younger demographic of 18-24 is less likely to decide on a restaurant because it offers trendy options than those aged 35-44.

The survey of 2,000 British diners further revealed that diners were most likely to be swayed by whether a restaurant served locally sourced food, sustainable food, and handled food waste in a responsible manner.

Just last year we reported the results of one of our surveys demonstrating that 81% of diners felt the use of local ingredients would make them more likely to visit a restaurant. It appears that a shift is occurring in the industry as diner preferences move away from hipster trends and in the direction of smaller, locally aware restaurants that focus on high quality, sustainable offerings.

To stay ahead of the competitive hospitality game, operators need to stay on top of what it is that guests want. This is why gathering and monitoring regular feedback and using it to continuously strive for improvement is the secret to some of the most successful businesses.

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