Hospitality businesses under pressure to speed up service


Hospitality businesses under pressure to speed up service

A man and woman sat at a restaurant table with drinks

Hospitality businesses are increasingly under pressure from guests to deliver a faster service, according to research by Barclaycard.

The research, released last autumn, revealed that 37% of consumers valued speed of service even more than menu choice (33%), demonstrating to the industry that there should be a greater focus on streamlining processes and reducing wait times.

It was also revealed that 26% of consumers now eat out or choose to order food at least once a week (the figure rose to 36% for 18-34 year-olds) and that six out of ten consumers feel frustrated if they end up waiting too long for an order - whether they are seated in a restaurant or placing a takeaway order. Additionally, a significant 49% of guests reported becoming impatient if asked to wait too long to pay after a meal.

So, how can businesses act to speed up their service and give guests the experience they are looking for?

Barclaycard found that more than one in ten consumers are more likely to choose establishments that offer contactless payment (15%), the option to order and pay through an app (on-site and for delivery) (15%), and payment via a mobile device at the table (14%).

As if those in the industry needed any further evidence – timing is everything when it comes to the guest experience. Forward-thinking businesses may look to incorporate technology into their offering, using apps to offer payment flexibility such as allowing a group to split a bill, to attract guests and deliver a memorable experience.

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