How can back-of-house tech improve the guest experience?


How can back-of-house tech improve the guest experience?

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The importance of back-of-house tech is often overshadowed by front-of-house technology, but operators that invest wisely in this area can significantly boost their guest experience.

Fast-food giant McDonald's recently overhauled its back-of-house processes with cutting-edge kitchen management systems and tech to enable instant ordering, according to Big Hospitality. This innovative move has been credited with the recent rise in the company's fortunes. The tech has not only enabled McDonald's to improve their speed of service, cooking food to order in seconds, it has done away with the need to prepare items in advance, meaning that guests receive freshly cooked, hotter and higher quality meals.

Back-of-house tech used to be considered an unnecessary expense by the industry, but its benefits can no longer be disregarded. Tech can relieve the pressure on busy kitchens by simplifying the food preparation process for chefs while ensuring vital communication regarding the status of an order between front and back-of-house staff is clear at all times.

Then there's the question of waste. In 2016, The Guardian reported that $80bn (£56bn) of food is wasted annually by restaurants across the developed world. Technology that logs everything staff throw away, tracking where most waste is produced and suggest changes to improve this can make a significant impact.

This kind of awareness is likely to appeal to guests too - our research revealed that sustainability is high on the priority list for guests with 74% stating that it's 'quite important' or 'very important' that the ingredients and products used in a restaurant are sourced sustainably. A clear food waste policy, boosted by technology, can help increase a restaurant's appeal.

Finally, back-of-house tech helps restaurants further streamline their processes, ensuring staff have more time to focus on attention to detail and interaction with the guests. And, as our guests tell us time and again, it's the little touches that make an experience memorable and worth shouting about.

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